​     Starting this spring, we will be offering childcare for ages 3-4 here at The Edge Arena. The program will be based around a preschool curriculum with both physical and learning activities included daily! Childcare will run Mondays through Fridays 8am-5pm


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Meet the Director

Hello all,

      I’d like to introduce myself as the Director of our NEW childcare program for three and four year-olds here at The Edge. We are located at The Edge Arena and our program will include full day childcare, five days a week, based on a preschool curriculum, physical activity, loads of fun, and more! 

      To give you a little background on myself... I grew up on Kent Island and then went on to play Division One Lacrosse at Jacksonville University while studying Elementary Education. I graduated with a degree in Education for Instruction with a focus in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). I have taught three and four year-olds at St. Christopher’s Preschool for two wonderful years and have furthered my Education with almost three-hundred credit hours in Preschool and Early Childhood Specific courses. Throughout my time teaching, I have only grown to love this profession even more. I believe that the preschool age is such a special and crucial time for your children and I couldn’t be happier to take part in that. 

      My teaching philosophy is that your little ones should be in the forefront of their learning with support from me, as their Teacher and Director. This means that I encourage them to use their imaginations, make their own decisions, and become more independent while also giving them the proper support and guidance along the way. Through my years of experience, I’ve found that this philosophy encourages your children to think outside the box and feel like they are in charge of their own learning, while of course, always having my support and guidance. 

      I am happy to answer any questions you have about this new program and I encourage you to fill out our interest form for easier contact! 


Rachel Aus                

Childcare Director                    


Teaching Philosophy

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Our Mission


At The Edge Arena we have one goal in mind—to provide our athletes who enjoy participating in extracurricular activity a home to do so. When it comes to the field of play, we take pride in having the resources for you to grow and thrive to reach your potential.

Regardless of experience, we have opportunities for both young and old to get out and make the most of the energy they have to burn. Opening doors to avenues for success is our means for satisfaction and we work tirelessly to open them for all of our respected athletes.



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